Scheduling Your Session

Scheduling Your Session

So when should we meet?

Generally speaking, the best light for photography outside is one hour before sunset or one hour after sunrise, commonly called the “Golden Hours”. I don’t tend to be awake in time for sunrise, so I like to aim for the evening hours! Cloudy days are also awesome for photography because there’s lots of light without the harsh sun that can cast harsh shadows and make everyone squint.

All that said, the BEST time for your family photos is the time that works best for your family. If your baby is happiest at 2pm or your schedule is very chaotic in the evenings, I will work around you to make sure that everyone is in a good mood, relaxed, and at ease when it’s time for photos. My goal is for you and your family to have a relaxing experience and positive memories throughout the entire experience. Regardless of the time of day, we can work together to capture the essence of your family.

Before the session I like to personally speak with each of my potential clients. I want to know what your goals are for your portrait session. Where do you plan to display your images in your home? Do you want to create cards or a photo album, perhaps some mini albums for the grandparents? I can provide lots of customized options to find the right fit for your family’s needs. It’s important that I know your goals in advance so I can make sure to shoot the type of images that will fit well in your home, or to create meaningful gifts for friends and relatives. I also want to know about what’s important to you, what you like to do together, how you share quality time together, what style of photos you like, what colors or settings might be a good fit for your family and your home. All of this information will inform my process so I can provide you the best possible service and make sure that you walk away satisfied and fulfilled in your experience.

Call or email me today and we can talk about the time that is best suited for your family during your free portrait consultation.