Preparing for Your Session

Preparing for your session

People often ask what they should wear to their portrait sessions. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Wear something you are comfortable in, that you think you look good in, that makes you feel good about yourself. Your confidence will shine through in your photos, and this will do more for your appearance than hours of photoshop could accomplish!
  • Wear something classic and simple that isn’t likely to make your kids or grandkids chuckle years from now. What’s the point of printing high quality prints and canvases that will last a lifetime if your acid wash jeans or tie-dyed midriff tee make you want to hide it in the closet? This goes for footwear too!
  • Wear clothes that go together, but don’t try to make everything match perfectly. The trend where everyone wears white button-up shirts and khakis isn’t really my thing. I want to capture you as you really are (Note: If you genuinely wear matching family outfits on a regular basis, I will make an exception for you!). Check out pinterest for coordinating family outfit inspiration!
  • If you want lots of different looks in your photos, try starting with a simple, neutral base layer and adding colorful accessories that are easy to swap to fit the scene.
  • Sometimes bright colors near your skin can have a tendency to reflect and turn your skin funny colors. I’ll do my best to reduce this in post-processing, but if you want to avoid looking a like an oompa-loompa, maybe avoid a bright orange sweatshirt 🙂
  • For newborns I have a selection of props including headbands, hats, and wraps, but you are more than welcome to bring your own. I can’t get enough of those tiny knit pants, tutus, crocheted hats, and soft fluffy blankets! If there’s a look you want and I don’t have the right props in my collection we can discuss ordering new items.
  • I would love to incorporate any times that are special to you!


The most important thing is that you take a deep breath, relax, and have fun. You and your family look best when you’re in a good mood. Don’t worry about making sure everyone is smiling and looking at the camera – I’ll take care of making sure you look great and it’ll make my job easier if you’re having a good time.


I’m happy to talk though your outfits during your consultation! Call or email today to schedule 585.766.3388